Intro to Coride

Greetings Corider!

If you have found this page, it means that you are interested in using Coride to ride together. Welcome!

Let us describe how the app works.


After downloading the Coride app from either the AppStore or Google Play, you will need to register. Use either email address and password or use Apple, Google or Facebook. If you choose to create an account with an email address, you will receive a verification code that you enter into the app.


Once registered, select Menu and then Profile from the bottom menu. Click on the pen symbol to edit your profile. Add first name and last name and your phone number. Feel free to add a profile picture and a short bio text about yourself.

Under ‘My Vehicles’ you will find your registered vehicles. Click on ‘Add Vehicle’ to add more vehicles by entering your registration number and how many seats you have available for other coriders. Here you can also specify whether smoking is allowed (not recommended) or if pets are permitted in the car.

The Organisation field is used to associate commuters to their employers. This means that the employer can see how much CO2 all employees save together, so feel free to state your organization. Click Add and select your organization from the list. If it is not there, add it.


At the bottom of the screen is the bottom menu with five different symbols:

  • Rides – takes you back to the home screen where you can see your planned and historical rides
  • Search – click here to search for a new ride or to post one or more new rides
  • Event – click here to search for events that you can travel to with Coride
  • Inbox – click here to access Coride’s Message Center where you can find your Coride reminders and conversations with other Coriders
  • Menu – click here to open your settings and other functions

General tips

By clicking on the Coride logo at the top left, you will be taken to the Home screen.

Feel free to use the Share feature available on several pages to share your ride, your savings, or to recommend ridesharing with Coride to others.

Coride is also available in a web browser version:

The Rides page

This is your homepage where you can see the available rides in the system. By selecting ‘All rides, you can view all posted rides. The sorting function at the top right allows you to choose to see rides nearest in time or nearest to your location first.

Select ‘My rides to view your scheduled rides, both as a passenger and as a driver. If there is a blue car symbol on the ride, you are the driver. You can also see how many of your car seats have been booked. Click on ‘History’ to view your travel history.

Ride details

Click on a ride to open the page with the ride details. Here you’ll find more information about the ride and the booking status, as well as the option to share the ride with others (see the Share function). Scroll down to view a calendar showing the days when the ride occurs (if it’s not just a one-time event).

If you’re a driver, there’s the possibility to modify a future ride, meaning you can add, edit, or remove one or more rides at once. Click Edit at the bottom of the page to Edit the ride.

Create rides

Go to Search and select Driver at the top of the page. Start by selecting where you want to go. Here you can select your current location or search for the address you want to start from. Similarly, select the address you want to go to, and then select the date and time.

If you want to create a return ride at the same time, fill in the time you want to drive back the same way in the Add return field.

Coride needs to know which vehicle you want to use and how many seats are available for this ride. If you have not entered this before, the app will ask for this. The first time a vehicle is specified, the app will collect information about the vehicle.

Click Create ride. Now your details about the ride are displayed before you publish it. Make sure the locations, dates and times are correct before proceeding.

This screen also indicates the maximum price that the ride will cost for the person traveling with you. The price is directly dependent on the route and the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules for mileage compensation. If you have more than one passenger, costs are shared by more people and the price per passenger decreases.

Instant booking means that a passenger can book a ride directly. If you deselect Instant booking, it means that the passenger applies to join the ride and that you as the driver must approve the passenger before the booking is made.

Recurring rides – drivers

So far, you have created a one-way ride or possibly a return ride. Since Coride is primarily aimed at commuters, many Coriders will travel the same distance often. Therefore, we have made it easy to both create and book on recurring rides.

Before you choose to publish your ride, scroll down to the calendar view at the bottom of the window. The date you have already selected is marked in the calendar with a blue circle. The arrows in the circle indicate whether it is a one-way ride or a return ride. If you want to repeat the ride on other dates, simply click on those other dates. Here you can plan rides several weeks ahead.

If you want to mix single rides and round trip rides, you can use Advanced mode to change among the rides you said publish. One scenario could be that you plan rides and return trip rides for the next two weeks, but know that one day you will have to stay longer at work. Then change this day to a one-way ride by clicking off the return trip ride by using the arrow symbols to adjust your ride. When you are done, click Publish.

Search for rides

Go to Search and select Passenger at the top. Start by choosing where you want to go. Here you can select your current position or search for the address you want to start from. Similarly, select the address you want to go to, and then select the date and time.

When you search for rides, the results window appears. Hopefully there have been a number of rides to choose from. Should no suitable rides be available, click Create if you can instead imagine driving and publishing your own ride.

NOTE: If you don’t find any results, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re searching incorrectly. The system displays all rides that result in savings several days forward and backward from the dates you’ve specified. If no rides are displayed, it simply means there are none to show!

If there are available rides, are they displayed as Search Results. Rides that deviate too much in the desired route or desired departure time are not displayed, but pay attention to the details of the ride before proceeding with the booking.

If you have searched for a round trip ride, the results list can show available rides that are just round trip rides, but also those that go either there or back. You can freely choose to go with one or more drivers, for example going there with person A and going back with person B. Click on the ride(s) you want to book and then click on the blue arrow to proceed. Please note that you still have not booked a ride.

The next screen shows the details of your ride, including times, locations, maximum price and information about the driver and the driver’s car. Maximum price means the compensation that the passenger pays to the driver for the journey. If there are more people in the car, the price drops because more people share the costs.

Ride Alerts

If it’s difficult to find rides that suit you, you can set up ride alerts. You’ll find this feature under Menu/Ride Alerts. Here, you specify the times, places, and days you’re interested in carpooling with someone, and when such a ride is created, you’ll be notified.

Recurring rides – passengers

Commuters often make the same ride every day. On the page for travel details, you can see if the ride you have chosen is part of a series of recurring rides. A series is when the driver has planned many similar rides on several dates. If you want to book several of these rides in the series, click on Recurring rides to see available dates in the calendar view.

In the calendar you can see the day of the ride you were looking for marked with a blue ring. Other days available to book are marked with gray arrows. Select which additional days you want to book in the calendar and click Confirm and Book.

If you want to book recurring rides, but want to adjust one of rides, click on Advanced mode and use the arrow symbols to adjust your ride.

NOTE. You need to have a balance in your wallet that covers the maximum price of your ride at least 24 hours before the ride starts.

(If this is your first time booking a ride, you will need to identify yourself with BankId)

Partial routes

A unique feature of Coride is the ability to book partial routes. If a ride passes your starting and stopping points, you can find it in your search results and apply to join that part of the ride.

When you’ve found a ride, click on “Go to booking” to see the ride details. Then click on “Add stop” to add a pickup and drop-off location. When you’ve added these stops, the proposed route of the ride will change. When you’re satisfied, click “Suggest route”. A request will then go to the driver, who can accept, decline, or suggest alternative locations. This way, drivers and passengers can agree on a suitable route.

Note: If you as a passenger suggest a route that involves a detour for the driver and any other passengers, you will be responsible for the cost of the detour yourself, as it shouldn’t affect other passengers. This will be reflected in the price you see.


Common for events is that many people want to get to the same place on a certain day, which is perfect for ridesharing. We hope to keep the list updated with concerts, festivals, and sports events.

Click on “Events” to see which events are available for ridesharing. The event page lists both all upcoming events in chronological order and the organizers who have upcoming events.

Click on the event that interests you. On the next page, the rides that have already been planned are listed, and if you want to join any of them, you click on the ride and book as usual. If there are no rides that suit you, create a new one and try to get others to join the event. When you create a new ride, you can edit the times suggested for the event.


There are two tabs in the inbox; Notifications and Chat.

Notifications are the messages you receive from Coride. It can be a booking request, a reminder to drive, a reminder to top up your wallet or something else.

Chat is the conversations you have had with other Coriders. Note that at present it is only possible to converse between two users from the inbox while it is possible to send messages to everyone else in the car on a specific ride.


From the Menu it is possible to access a number of settings and functions:

Profile – here you edit your profile and manage your vehicles and organization.

Wallet – here you can view your transactions and top up your wallet.

Savings – This page shows how much carbon dioxide (CO2) and how much money you have saved by carpooling. Note that the statistics are based on the assumption that one mile costs 25 SEK according to the Swedish Tax Agency’s standard cost, and that one mile results in a carbon dioxide emission of 120 grams per kilometer. The graph can be displayed with the time interval month (the last 30 days), the last 12 months, or Max (since the start).

Here you also have the opportunity to share your environmental efforts with your friends in various ways.

Further down, there are statistics for how many rides you have shared as a driver or as a passenger, how many kilometers you travelled, and how many different Coriders you have shared a car with.

Ride Alerts – Here you can manage your ride alerts. A ride alert is a search for a future ride. Create a new ride alert by pressing the plus sign. Then enter times and places that you are interested in traveling. The time is specified as an interval, i.e., when can you earliest and latest start your journey. Also, specify which dates you are interested in traveling on the calendar. Create the ride alert. When a ride that matches your ride alert is created in the system, you will be notified and can book yourself in.

Favorite Places – Enter your home address and work address to manage rides more easily.

Coriders – Coriders are the people you have carpooled with before. Click on a Corider to view the person’s profile. From there, you can then send messages, block, or report the person.

Invite – Feel free to use this feature to invite others who may be interested in using Coride. Click the Share button to share via your phone’s sharing features or choose one of the other channels.

Settings – Here you change message settings, i.e., whether you want more or fewer messages from Coride via email or via push notifications on your phone. We recommend starting with all messages turned on initially to avoid missing important cancellations or time changes. Here you can also change language (English or Swedish at the moment) and currency (only SEK at the moment).

Terms & Integrity – here you can read our terms of use and privacy agreement and delete your account and all related data according to GDPR.

FAQ – Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers

Contact us – A contact form that goes directly to us. It is also possible to email us at

Rate us – links to AppStore and Google Play. Please rate us!

Sign out – logs you out of your account.


You can access the wallet by clicking on the blue balance icon in the upper right corner of the screen or from Settings under Menu. Here, your transactions are listed in chronological order. Red minus transactions are journeys where you have been a passenger and green plus transactions where you have been a driver. Click on a transaction to see more details and to send a receipt to your email address, if you wish.

At the top of the wallet are the Withdraw and Deposit functions. To transfer money to your wallet, click Deposit and follow the Swish process. If you drive a lot and build up a larger balance (max 3000 SEK), or if you want to withdraw money for other reasons, click on Withdraw. Unfortunately we can not do this automatically yet so contact us at if you need to withdraw from your balance.


Coride has a range of features that make carpooling with other Coriders safe:

  • Ranking – all drivers and passengers rank each other, which creates a self-cleaning system. If you can, choose drivers and passengers with good rankings.
  • BankID – all users’ identities are verified but BankId before they either publish their first ride or book their first ride.
  • Registration number – all vehicles have been checked before they can be used and the car’s details are shown in the app.
  • Block users – there is a blocking feature that can be used if you do not want to ride with a specific user.
  • Contact or report – there is a contact function in the app to report errors or problems