How do I invite a friend or colleague to join Coride?

The Share function can be found under Menu/Invite

Why do you need my phone number?

In the first version of Coride we rely on the mobile payment service Swish to top up the Coride wallet. Swish requires a phone number.

I have forgot my password. What do I do?

Request a new password on the Log In page.

When do I need to top up my Coride wallet before joining a ride?

You will need to top up your account 24 hours before the ride. If you are booking a ride that is less than 24 hours away you must have the needed amount already in your wallet.

What does Coride cost?

Coride is free to download. A 10% transaction fee is added to the cost you share.

Why do you charge a transaction fee?

Coride is developed by Coride Sweden AB. Transaction fees will help us develop Coride further and make sure it is always available.

Should I pay tax on the money I get as a driver?

No. Users are sharing the tax free mileage compensation which means that no one involved are earning anything, just sharing costs.

Is there a subscription fee?

No. You only share costs when you ride with other Coriders.

What about insurance?

The responsibility of Coride is to match passengers and drivers, which means that there is no additional insurance coverage to the normal insurance you have when riding with another person.

When is the money transferred from the passenger account to the driver account?

Funds are transferred from passengers to driver when the ride is confirmed, which happens when all involved have rated each other. In case someone forgets to rate, the transaction will be made at the latest 24 hours after the ride has been completed.

Can I create a ride to another country?

Not yet. The current version of Coride is intended for Sweden, so you can only search for addresses in Sweden at the moment.

What is the cost of joining a ride? Why does it say max X kr?

The cost of the ride depends on the distance and the max price is calculated for a ride with only one passenger. With additional passengers, the cost will go down.

How do you know how much CO2 emissions I save while ride-sharing?

We calculate the CO2 emissions on an average value of cars in Sweden. The current value is approximately 120g CO2 per kilometer.

I have an hybrid/electrical car. Does this impact the way I use Coride?

No. Coride does not make a difference between an electrical car or a big diesel V8 SUV in this version. The official mileage cost is the same.

Does it matter what kind of fuel my car is using?

No. Coride does not make a difference between an electrical car or a big diesel V8 SUV in this version. The official mileage cost is the same.

Is there a way to see how much CO2 emissions I have saved on a specific ride or during certain time period?

Yes. To see the stats for a specific trip, find it in the transactions and send an email receipt to yourself. To see your CO2 savings over time, go to Menu/Savings.

Can I use Coride on a computer or tablet?

Yes. A simple web version of Coride is available here: https://app.coride.se

Which type of phone do I need to use Coride?

You need a smartphone using either iOS or Android.

Can I book several seats on a ride, for example if I would like to bring my kids?

No. We do not currently support this feature.

I am not able to join a ride that I booked. Will I have to pay anyway?

As a passenger, you can always cancel your ride without any cost. Please do not misuse this feature, since it may affect your rating.

How can I be confident about the person driving?

All users have registered and verified their identity. with BankId (Sweden only)

I can't find a ride. What do I do?

Widen your search criteria. If there is no ride available, consider driving yourself and publish your ride. Then make it easier for passengers to find your ride by sharing it. Click Share ride" on the ride detail page."

Is my money safe with Coride?

Yes. All Coride wallets are held in a secure bank account until being used or withdrawn.

Will my Coride wallet generate an interest?

Nope, sorry.

How do I top up my Coride wallet?

Click on your balance icon in the top left of your screen and then Deposit. Select the amount and then click Deposit to open the Swish dialog (Sweden only). After topping up, you will receive a notification and/or email. Your telephone number is needed for the Swish transaction.

What is the maximum balance allowed in my Coride wallet?

Your balance can be maximum 3.000 SEK. You can withdraw money from your Coride wallet to your bank account. In this version we will help you manually but in future versions yoou will be able to initiate the transfer from the app.

I don't have Swish (Sweden only).

Coride only supports Swish in this version. We will include other payment options in future versions of the app.

Can I get a receipt for the ride cost somehow?

Yes. Go to your Coride wallet and look for the transaction. Click on transaction details and then on Send receipt to my email.

Can I withdraw funds from my Coride wallet?

Yes. Payouts from Coride will be handled via Swish or other methods in coming versions. In this version, please contact Coride to initiate a payout.