Borlänge – a pioneering municipality

30 March 2023

Let’s solve Borlänge’s problems

Coride has been selected to participate in the Sweden Green Mobility Program – an innovation program that involves both innovative startups, SMEs, private companies and public actors who will work together to solve the climate challenge around work commuting in Borlänge municipality.

Today starts the eight-week long innovation program where we get to contribute our solution to create a sustainable society. In addition to Borlänge’s concrete challenge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the municipality, the overarching goal is to work together to find new and ground-breaking solutions based on a systems perspective, with many different actors involved.

Read more about the Sweden Green Mobility Program here:

The Sweden Green Mobility Program is part of Omställningslyftet which is a joint venture from the Swedish Agency for Growth, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Energikontoren Sverige, IUC Sverige, IVL and #SuPr which is part-financed by the European Committee of the Regions (European Regional Development Fund – ERDF). The innovation program is part of the sub-project “The city as a hub for a green and digital transition” and is part-financed by SISP, Ignite Sweden, WWF, IVL, Compare, Dalarna Science Park, Kista Science City and Viable Cities.