ridesharing in Scandinavia

France vs Sweden?

19 February 2024

Ridesharing has become increasingly popular around the world as a way to reduce traffic congestion, reduce CO2 emissions and promote social interaction. In Sweden, however, ridesharing has not had the same impact as in some other countries, despite similar challenges and the need for sustainable transport alternatives.

People in other countries such as France, Denmark and the Netherlands seem to have a different attitude towards ridesharing. In these countries, people are often more open to sharing cars and traveling with others, which has contributed to ridesharing becoming an established and common practice.

But then why is it that the Swedes don’t embrace ridesharing in the same way? Part of the explanation can certainly lie in the well-functioning (?) public public transport, but probably also in the Swedish culture and mentality, which is characterized by a strong individualism.

In France, the state supports ridesharing options in many different ways and has set aside 150 million euros to get more people to carpool. And it has succeeded. Currently, close to a million ridesharing trips take place in France, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. The whole thing has turned out so well that it has been decided to extend the initiative.

We want to raise the good French example to Sweden’s politicians to start a discussion about what we can do in Sweden. The discussion started with a themed meeting about ridesharing under the auspices of Drive Sweden on 23 January 2024. You can see it here afterwards.

Hopefully Sweden can follow the French example. Vive la France!