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New features!

24 April 2023

We have added a number of new functions to the Coride app. Some are requested by our users, others have been on our todo list for some time:


When do you need ridesharing other than when yo travel to and from work? We have added a new function that will help event participants share rides. It could be a football match, a concert or a festival where many people want to go. In the bottom menu you can select Events which lead to a page with current events. we are adding events continuously. Let us know if you think we should add a special event. The Savings function has been moved to the Menu.

Ride alerts

Something that has been requested for a long time! If you don’t want to or can’t drive yourself, you can now create a ride alert for a ride you want to make. Under Search/Create Ride Alert or Menu/Ride Alerts you can enter the starting point and destination as well as the time interval for your ride alert. When a ride appears that matches your coverage, you will be notified about it and can book it.

Calendar integration

It is now possible to connect your shared ride to your calendar on your computer or phone. When you create or book a trip, you can choose Calendar integration and you will receive a calendar notice to your specified email address.

Save your Favorite Places

Now you can save your most common addresses (Home and Work) to be able to create or search for rides more quickly. You can enter your favorite places under Menu/Favorite places.


Now you can enter a personal text in your profile to tell a little more about yourself. Be nice!