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New Pilot Project with Ideon – start April 1st

10 March 2022

Diesel price now over SEK 28

We all know why fuel prices have risen recently, and the development we are seeing in Ukraine is horrific. It seems like the world’s economic system was not ready for Putin’s attempt to find his way back to the Soviet era. Prices are rising for almost everything and interest rate increases are around the corner.

But this is not a place to discuss politics.

We need test pilots!

Coride launches a (new) pilot project together with Ideon on April 1, 2022. We believe the time is ripe. The pandemic will hopefully soon be just a sad memory and fuel prices are soaring. Why not commute to work and save both the environment and money?

If you work in northeast Lund and commute there by car, we would like to have you in our pilot project! We will release the app on March 21 on the AppStore and Google Play and the pilot itself will start on April 1 and will run for at least two months.


The Coride version that will be used is a fully functional prototype that we will evaluate and update during the pilot so your views are valuable. We will keep track of how much CO2 we save together and hand out free monthly passes for parking to the users who are most diligent.


We are also looking for you who can act a bit as ambassadors in your organization. It is important that we quickly fill in the system for trips so the ambassador’s task is to create the first trips and try to get his colleagues or neighbors involved. Contact me at info@coride.se if you would like to be an ambassador.

Let’s go!