Let’s go!

13 January 2021

Coride is a ridesharing service where we help each other to reduce the environmental effects of cars while saving money.

The Coride idea came to me when I was listening to Al Gore at the Websummit in Lisbon a few years back. The previous presidential candidate and environmentalist lined up environmental facts en masse, but there was one specific fact that stuck in my mind. In the United States, people usually drive alone in their car and often bumper to bumper on six-lane highways. Surveys showed that an average of 1.2 people travel in each car, and this despite the fact that many US states and cities have lanes for cars with two people or more. Is it really better to agonise in a traffic jam than to ride together? Especially in these challenging times when we should all understand how our behavior affects the environment and the climate. Why?

Others have tried to launch ridesharing services before and failed. A number of different business models have been tried without any substantial success. We think we understand why and we are convinced that we have found a business model that will work.

Environmental awareness is increasing, as it should, and more and more people are using services in the shared economy. These two factors should improve the probability of launching a ridesharing service that actually works.

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