Rideharing pilot with Ideon live until midsummer

60% of the Swedish workforce commutes by car and 80-90% of them drive alone. Only 20% use public transport. This is not sustainable. So if you drive alone to work, you are unfortunately perfectly normal. Can we change this normality? We believe that the time is right to give it a try.

Let’s go. Together.

We a running a ridesharing pilot together with Ideon Science Park and other organisations in northeast Lund right now. And we want you to be part of it. We want you to go out of your comfort zone and share rides to and from work.

The Coride pilot project aims to make people aware of the positive effects of ridesharing. Together we will save carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as some of the hard-earned money that we spend on increasingly expensive fuel. And to meet some great people in the process!

The App

The Coride app matches passengers and drivers and handles the transfer of the pre-determined cost sharing between passengers and driver automatically. Users can plan rides weeks ahead and see how much CO2 and money they have saved.

The current version of the app is a fully functional prototype which we need to verify, so we will be asking our test pilots what they think about it. The Coride app is available AppStore and Google Play now.


To make it more interesting, we will have added an incentive. The most active test pilots will have a chance to win monthly parking permits. There are three categories:

  • The user saving the most CO2 during the test period
  • The user doing the most ride-sharing trips during the period
  • The user having the highest number of different corridors in his/her car

There will also be an honorary prize for the company having the largest number of connected users

The competition period is between April 1 and June 23 2022.


We will also keep track of the total effects of the pilot project and communicate this regularly. Together, we are hoping that the pilot project will reach at least a hundred users and save at least 5 tonnes of CO2.

Companies and organisations

If you are a sustainable company or organisation in north-east Lund that want to help your employees share rides and save the environment, please get in touch with us. If you help us gather a number of pilot users, we can visualise how much CO2 your employees or members save by riding together. Great data for employer branding and sustainability budgets.

Join us!

Register your interest by sending an email to info@coride.se and we will send you further instructions.


Start by checking out our FAQ section. After that, send us an email at info@coride.se. There is also an open Facebook group (In Swedish) called Coride samåkningsgrupp where you can give us feedback and share your trips to get more passengers.

Intro to Coride