We are live

1 April 2022

The app available!

After a couple of years of thinking and developing, Coride is now live and available on AppStore and Google Play.

Our focus in the coming months is to run a pilot project together with Ideon in northeast Lund, but it is free for everyone (in Sweden) to download and use the app to ride together. If you do not travel to and from Lund, it can be difficult to find travel, but it is of course possible to create carpool groups with neighbors and colleagues anywhere in the country.


If you work at a company where many commute, feel free to contact us at info@coride.se.

We believe that many companies and organizations want to act sustainably and want to help their employees or members share commuting trips and make a contribution to the environment. If you help us gather a number of pilot users, we can visualize how much CO2 your employees save by traveling together. Good data for employer branding and sustainability budgets.


Start by looking at our FAQ and then contact us either by emailing us at info@coride.se. There is also an open facebook group called Coride samåkningsgrupp (in Swedish) for feedback and to share your rides to find passengers.